Minimum requirements that your PC needs in order to play PES 2018

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The PES 2018 has taken the world by storm, even with the development of other games, the game is still being played. In addition, the review that the game is getting is massive from different players who have experienced the game. The PES 2018 has since its release been considered the mirror point of where the soccer check this site out gaming is headed. The main down point that the game has received is its need the massive and high-end machine requirements that it needs to play, this however is caused by its compact and complicated anatomy, which requires powerful machines. This article therefore will cover these requirements, they include:

Operating system – the PES 2018 requires you to use a PC because it cannot be operated in any other machine. Therefore your machine either laptop, desktop or any other machine that supports it must have a windows operating system, vista SP2 or vista 7 SP 1. Therefore, PES cheats 2018 in case you are using the PC the PES 2018 will not run in your machine and thus you are curtailed from enjoying its experience. Remember these are the minimum requirements off course there are other operating systems around the world that can perform run the game.
Central processing unit – the PES 2018 game requires a central processing unit from where it can be launched and because of its high-end anatomy, it needs some powerful machine. The minimum being Duo Core 2 with a speed of at least 1.8 GHz or even Athlon II X2 240. This will enable it to run without having any problems. Using a much lesser machine than this will make it crash or even play but keeps on hanging which can be annoying.

Graphics card – your machine needs some graphics card so as to cope with the improved graphics of the game. The minimum graphics card you can use is the NVIDIA GeForce 6800, the ATI Radeon X 1300, or even Intel HD Graphics 2000. Using the PC without these graphics card will be useless it will not work thus, you need all these requirement.


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